Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 8: I Bought Stuff

1 crew neck sweater in blue
1 v neck sweater in pink/orange argyle
1 purple flannel shirt
2 cardigans in red/gray/cream argyle and purple/orange argyle
2 pairs of corduroy pants in khaki and gray
1 pair of jeans (finally succumbing to petite because y'all...I've got WAY short legs)
1 pair of brown moccasins from American Eagle ($8!!!)
1 pair of tennis shoes from Off Broadway
2 winter coats from Old Navy

Old Navy had 50% off their winter coats. I bought them online using my Old Navy card and saved an extra 30% plus free shipping, I also had a $10 off code for using my card last billing cycle. So long story short, 2 coats for $41 total!!!

My American Eagle mocs were a great deal as well. Marked down to $19.95, they rang up $11.95 and they let me use another coupon at the store which brought it all down to $8. I was happy to have gotten them for $20...$8 felt like a really good robbery.

And over at JC Penney I spent enough that my cashier used every dollar amount off coupon for my order which knocked $45 off the entire thing.

Long story short: I ADORE saving money and yesterday was awesome.


SassyCassie said...

Ugh! I'm jealous! I need a new wardrobe!

katie said...

i LOOOVE those coats!! and i am always in awe of your bargain-hunting skills.