Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Twenty: Survival

After sleeping with my box of kleenex last night from the crying and then getting over this Italian oral exam hurdle today with my partner. Tonight is decidedly less stressful.

My weekend plans include that elusive hair cut and shopping for Thanksgiving food. (and working on my history paper...but we'll forget about that part for now)

I'm all out of things to vent about today. For that, I am thankful.

I took shots of my mom Wednesday as she sat in my room talking to Jonathan. Not talking about photo quality or anything like that, but for awesome of an idea were my grey walls? The perfect picture taking neutral, no?
Canon Day 2 062
Canon Day 2 059

Bonus: it's really me and check out my new camera!
Canon Day 2 020


katie said...

gurrrrl, i know all about sleepin with the kleenex :) glad you're feeling better!!!

April said...

worst bed partner i right?

and thanks!