Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 27: Black Friday

My mother and I went out like three years ago or so for the first Black Friday of either of our lives. It was the easiest most stress free experience ever. No lines, empty parking lots, not terrible crowds, nothing at all like what I'd always heard about it. We were in and out of Walmart, Kmart and Target in no time at all. It was enough to make us do it again. And again, like last year when we easily picked up a new tv with no hassle. We could never understand people who complained about how crazy Black Friday was, because it'd have never been that way for us.

Apparently our Black Friday years were really recession years. And if this year's experience is any indication at all the recession is really over.

It was insane.

We arrived at Walmart at 4:30am, which in the past had been an adequate amount of time before the sales began. This year people were parking in the lots of restaurants that were quite a distance away and walking to the store. We left there and headed to Target instead. Which, while easier to park, left much to be desired in the moving checkout line department. Afterward we hit up JoAnn's, Best Buy (very organized chaos there, I'll give them that) and finally, Home Depot.

I'm thankful for a few deals. A cookware set we needed, a Cricut for my Mom, a new microwave for the kitchen (over the oven for only $68) and several presents for Jonathan (which I won't name in case he snoops around here).

But mostly I'm never doing that again. I'll stay home and shop from the comfort of the internet next year.

Til' the next recession, Black Friday. It was nice knowing you.


katie said...

i woke up in the middle of the night last week and couldn't sleep, and ended up watching 2 cricut infomercials in a row. i am obsessed now!! does she like it? it's something i absolutely do not need but aghhhh it looks so fun to use!!!!

April said...

We refuse to give it to her until Christmas. But her desire to have one came from watching those damn commercials too! I'll let you know then, but everyone I asked who has one loves it.